Evry-Courcouronnes, France Concertation

Bois Briard

logement plan masse concertation espaces publics paysage

At the heart of the central city of Evry-Courcouronnes, municipalities merged on January 1, 2019, the sector is strategic for the municipality. The urban project accompanies the arrival of the T12 express and covers nearly 27 hectares of public rights-of-way of roads and green spaces that they aim to restructure and requalify in order to align urban objectives and landscape challenges. As an extension of the town center of the town, it plans to insert housing and tertiary programs on the rights-of-way freed up along the new urban boulevard.
Particularity of the project, the initial "road" development of the site forged its morphology with the digging of bodies of water (lake and canal) to regulate the flow of rainwater before crossing the A6 and the constitution of the protective fence. nuisance homes.
The project thus explores the urbanization of this formerly road infrastructure, which has become a real landscape structure.

  • Category

  • Order type

    Development of the Bois Briard sector as part of the restructuring of Boulevard Robert Schuman and the arrival of T12

  • Program

    Mixed - 27,000 m² of housing and 20,000 m² of offices

  • Area

    11 hectares of study area including 4 hectares of operational area

  • Mission / Phases

    Mass Plan, Consultation, CPAUPE, Lot sheets, Coordination and architectural monitoring. Coordination of public spaces.

  • MOA

    SPLA IN - Porte Sud du Grand Paris

  • MOE

    SATHY (mandataire) - La Forme et l’Usage - MAGEO

  • Budget

    9 000 000 €

  • Planning

    2019 – 2022