Orly Rungis Seine-Amont, France Urbanisme

Chemin de Carrières

The ZAC Chemin des Carrières's future is located on the hillside between the old Orly and the plateau, in a contrasting and multi-progammatic territory. Bordered by Paris-Orly international airport to the west as well as by the SENIA business zone to the north, the ZAC is part of a dense and contrasting fabric with strong development potential.

  • Category

  • Order type

    Coordinating architect urban planner and project management of public spaces

  • Program

    740 housing units, 1500m of shops and activities

  • Area

    50 hectares (operational area)
    200 hectares (study area)

  • Mission / Phases

    Establishment of an overall urban strategy, development of a master plan in urban, architectural and landscape matters

  • MOA

    EPA ORSA - Etablissement Public d’Aménagements Orly Rungis Seine Amont

  • MOE

    SATHY - TN Plus paysage - Urbatec

  • Budget


  • Planning

    2017 – 2019