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The Guînes project is part of the articulation of complex urban dynamics, between the downtown and outlying districts.

This project intends to ensure urban continuity in these different entities. It proposes to think about connections with its surroundings, by establishing a road and pedestrian structure that is part of the continuity of the existing, to support the transformation of the district. The frame (mainly housing), revolves around the principle of desirable density which allows a minimal footprint, offering generous outdoor spaces. A landscape strategy ensures continuity with what already exists, in particular with the creation of a park.

Co-construction workshops were set up throughout the project, until the architectural monitoring phase where architectural coordination workshops are organized, bringing together all the architects and operators of the project.

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  • Program

    Mixed program of housing, residence, offices and activities

  • Area

    Le projet de Guines est un projet à dominante résidentielle, avec 460 logements et 1000 m² de services. Il se compose de 6 lots aux densités variables – 3.5 Ha

  • Mission / Phases

    Plan guide, CPAUPE, Fiches de lot, communication, concertation / 1. Formalisation du plan guide et du plan masse détaillé et des prescriptions urbaines, architecturales, paysagères et environnementales du secteur Guines / 2. Assistance, conseil et suivi opérationnel du secteur Guines

  • MOA

    City of Renne

  • MOE

    Sathy (mandataire) | La forme et l'usage | OGI

  • Planning

    2016 – 2020