Le Perray-en-Yvelines, France Urbanisme

La Perche aux Mares

Urbanisme Nature Biodiversité Éco-quartier Environment Agriculture Logement

Creation of an eco-district in a forest environment.

Strong environmental dimension, impact studies on fauna / flora and on the site's wetness to establish a project meeting environmental compensation objectives favorable to biodiversity.
The site is located in the south-eastern part of the city of Perray, a sector bordering the city and nature. The ambition of the project is to associate and weave the city and nature in order to support the existing fabric and to combine with nature to establish an Eco-district.
Project is in a wetland, Creation of many public spaces called compensatory, favorable to the agriculture.

  • Category

  • Order type


  • Program

    Collective housing (Mixed program - lodge, comm, activity, park, pub esp, etc.)

  • Area

    24 Ha de périmètre d’étude dont 6 Ha de surface réaménagé

  • Mission / Phases

    Master Plan, Programming, CPAUPE, Lot sheets, architectural coordination and monitoring, Project management of public spaces (ESQ, AVP, PRO, ACT, DET, AOR), consultation, Architectural project management

  • MOA

    Nexity Apolonia | REI Habitat | Coopérative des Boucles de la Seine

  • MOE

    Sathy (mandataire) | Djuric Tardio Architectes |
    Parc Architectes | Land’Act Paysagistes

  • Planning

    2018 – 2021