Quartier A, B et C secteur «sud de l'air des vents» Dugny, France Architecture

Le village des médias, JO 2024

Jeux Olympiques Logement Programme mixte Environnement

The 2024 Olympic Games are the opportunity to create in Dugny a district demonstrating French know-how that shines internationally, it is the "Dugnyversel".

Dugnyversel is first and foremost a Biocity that ensures all habitants, over time, full access to nature.

In the heart of the great landscape of the "Ile de France" on the edge of its largest public park, we are renewing links with Nature, the seasons, fauna and flora. The landscape is thought of first. The existing embankments become ecological reservoirs and Biocity is spreading at all scales of the urban project, including on the terraces. Nature accompanies the uses of the inhabitants of Dugnyversel, surrounds them at every moment of the year and day, throughout their movements, around their social life, around their moment of relaxation and leisure.

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  • Program

    1011 collective housing

  • Area

    62 235 m2 SDP / 55 926 m2 SHAB

  • MOA

    Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

  • MOE

    SATHY - Nicolas Laisné Architectes - COSA - DATA Architectes - FRESH Architecture - PALAST - Tom Darmon Architecture - TN Plus - LALU - Franck Boutté - Oteis - EVP

  • Budget

    115 000 000 €

  • Planning