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Route de Toulouse, Bordeaux


The "Zac de la route de Toulouse" project follows on from an urban project initiated in 2014 by the OMA agency and then continued by the Pranlas-Descours agency. The Sathy agency and 2PMA coordinating architects are part of the continuity of the concepts by developing the project according to the wishes of the municipalities, in particular the northern sector.

The urban project consists of the redefinition and enhancement around the Toulouse road, taking into account the new extension of the tramway coming from Bordeaux. It includes the construction of new housing around this transport axis in a suburbian context. Commercial changes as well as the creation of attractive public spaces will have to energize and unify the urban project while emphasizing the natural and landscaped elements of the site and the particularly demanding environmental ambitions.

It will then be a question of boosting an urban intensity, a centrality on the road to Toulouse to allow it to assert a new urbanity.

  • Category

  • Order type

    Accord cadre de maîtrise d’œuvre urbaine d’architecte urbaniste coordonnateur

  • Mission / Phases

    Mission to update the guide plan for the northern sector of the ZAC / Urban and architectural coordination and monitoring mission of the ZAC

  • MOA

    La Fab

  • MOE

    SATHY | 2PMA | Agence TER | ZEFCO

  • Planning

    2020 – 2026