ZAC du Faubourg de Malepère Toulouse, France Architecture

ZAC du Faubourg de Malepère

Logement Biosourcé Réemploi Bois

The Malepère site, like many sectors on the outskirts of large cities, has undergone rapid urbanization which has given rise to a mixed and heterogeneous urban fabric, which mixes natural areas, agricultural wasteland, scattered housing and sprawling activity area.

The transformation of the Faubourg de Malepère aims to create a smooth transition between the city center of Toulouse and the peri-urban context of the neighboring municipalities of Labège, Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, and Quint-Fonsegrives while preserving natural spaces and existing landscaping. Based on this observation and on reading the urban project proposed by the Ateliers Lion, we identified two strong axes which were for us the framework of reflection of the architectural project.

This idea of ​​gentle transition and the desire to reestablish the links of dispersed urban planning prompted us to think about a project capable of reconciling and living together city and nature. The notion of environment therefore particularly nourished our thinking from the start of the project. In fact, the environment is literally the site where a species usually lives: A biotope. This implies that there is a perfect match between the place that hosts and the species that coexist. To answer these questions and translate these ambitions, we designed the project around two alleys which themselves characterize two environments.

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  • Program

    180 logements dont 71 logements intermédiaires et 26 logements individuels

  • Area

    11 985 m2 SDP

  • Mission / Phases

    Complete mission

  • MOA

    Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

  • MOE

    SATHY - OECO - A+R Paysage

  • Budget

    17 000 000 €

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    Certification NF Logement